Off The Shelf: My Neil Gaiman Book Stash


Neil Gaiman is probably one of my favorite authors and human beings in the whole world aside from J.K. Rowling. I have so much respect for his work.

I know my stash is not yet complete, and I am on the process of acquiring, and reading all his work. I even influenced my mother to read his books which is a big deal for me, because I can discuss books with my mother which is very rare. Don’t get me wrong, she has no problem with my affinity to books. It’s just she doesn’t like to read much. So making her read one of Mr. Gaiman’s book is a great deal for me.

Anyway, back to the star of this post. This great love for his work started when I’ve seen the film adaptations of Coraline and Stardust. With Coraline, I was so transfixed with the dark yet playful tone of the story. So being a great sucker for this kind of story, I’ve begun a search for the books of course. Coraline was the first Neil Gaiman book I ever owned but Stardust is still my personal favorite. Personally, I liked the movie adaptation but the book was so well written. Ever since then I haven’t stopped buying his books, especially during the annual book fair here in the Philippines. It just marks the right time to hoard as much books as I can from his works. I actually acquired, well bought a Sandman comic (I can’t call it a graphic novel because it was just a part of the graphic novel, if you know what I mean) from a friend of mine two years ago from their friend’s garage sale. So score!!!

For the future, I am planning to buy the different editions of his works and probably just display it on my bookshelf, and admire it from afar. Of course, I’ll keep the mass paperbacks for my reading pleasure.

Circa 2016, from my old tumblr blog.


2 thoughts on “Off The Shelf: My Neil Gaiman Book Stash”

    1. Hi Levi! I liked reading Unnatural Creatures. It seems like a new type of Gaiman literature for me, since there were a lot of stories (I haven’t read any other books written or presented like this by him). It is a great read but there are a few more books by him that I really loved.

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