Off The Shelf: Three Amazing Reads


I am back with a book and bookish posts people of the internet. After a year of an abysmal reading slump, which I would never ever wish on someone to experience, I finally got the time to rearrange my shelves and pick up where I left off. 

Just to let you know, my current read is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. And trust me I am practicing my full self-control to not publish all my feels about this book, which I am reserving for another entry. 🙂

I decided to write this because I wanted to share the three books I know that is the best when it comes to combating your reading slump. Don’t worry friends, I got your back.

So without any further ado here are the books I consider as great gems.

All I could say about this book is that it is poignant yet happy. Leo and Stargirl’s adventure to finding oneself is something most young adults will be able to relate to. For me, this is the type of book great for a boring train ride to and fro work. It is simple yet it is giving more than what you ask for.

Every time someone asks me for a book recommendation, I will probably tell them to read Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner. It took me too many trips to the bookstore to keep ignoring this book when it was right there in front of me screaming hello if it could. And when I got the chance to be decisive about what I wanted in my life (haha), I picked this up during one of my trips to the annual book fair, and never looked at the book the same way I did before. It was so beautifully written. It made me want to see Afghanistan Mr. Hosseini described, it made me cry when I finished the book, and nurse a broken heart over the ending for a few weeks at least.


Just like the Kite Runner, this book is also on my “To-Recommend-List-When-People-Ask-Me-About-Books-They-Must-Read”. This book tackled humanity in the times of desperation and helplessness, and in time of hope too. It is not your typical dystopian themed literature. It showed light on how different kinds of people deal with life, the ups and downs they have to deal with, and how they have to cope up when everything they were used to was taken away from them. At the beginning, it didn’t make a cohesive point but as you read on, you will start to understand why the author intended to tell the story that way.

 If you are ever in a reading slump just like I was in before, I hope these recommendations will help you get through it.

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