Introducing: Quarterly Round-Up!

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Jerace Journeys To: South Korea Vlog

So guys, after editing this vlog for more than a month (I’m sorry), here it is finally upon us. Hahaha!

I am apologizing in advance for all the awkward talking scenes I have in this vlog. I am not really used to talking in front of the camera, haha I am really trying and I hope I will get better.

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A Vlog of Some Sort

Here is a little story to explain this video.

Two years ago, I decided to film a few bits and pieces of my daily life. I was supposed to do something with it but then life happened (school and work), so it has been put on the back burner.

This video consists mostly of my afternoon and evening moods. I treasure these simple afternoon and evening past times. You will see that I quite enjoy filling my spare time with these kinds of activities which may appear mundane to some but to me are precious.

And oh, this video will probably restart my youtube activity. I felt like my other video felt lonely so why not make it a companion. 🙂

I am still deciding when to upload content.

BTW, the content will complement everything that I publish on the blog.



Jerace Shoots Portraits: Summer Edition

One fine day in Pampanga, Philippines…

I took a few photos of my colleagues/co-workers and the place where we stayed during our company team building. 🙂

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5 Film Recommendations


As the people of the internet have voted, here are “5 Film Recommendations” I usually give out whenever people ask me what are good movies to watch.


The movies in this list are not in anyway arranged from the very best to least. As I have said above, these are the movies I usually recommend to friends when they ask me about good films to watch.


This Is Where I Leave You (2014)

A great film about family, love, losing a loved one, and finding one’s self. This film has at least 3 surprises that will keep you watching the story unfold. Based on the book of the same name by Jonathan Trooper, I am sure you’ll be feeling a sense of life at the end of the movie.

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