This song took me a year to write, well in a sense it did took me 12 months to come in to terms with my struggles for the past year.

This is dedicated to the people who find themselves staring at their clocks, tossing and turning every night, and finding themselves boring holes in their walls. This is to us who are kept awake by their difficulties in life. It will get better somehow, not as fast as you might think, but it will. It is just the process that makes us want to give up. Push through my love.

I recorded this sitting beside my window during one sunny morning, hence the background noise like the motorcycles and chickens.

5:15 Lyrics

I look at the clock
And guess what the time is
It’s quarter past 5 in the morning
I guess I have to start again

Start the show
Paint the face everyone knows
Put up the smile
And let them know I’m alright

Oh how unfortunate
As it turns out
Nothing is in favor
No matter how hard I try
Seems these days
I just find myself…

Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…

The vast void inside my heart
How can I fill this up?
And the things I thought
Were there
Couldn’t make me feel like
I’m breathing…
Like I’m alive…
I’m feeling…

Oh I find myself
Staring back in to
The vast void
Inside my heart