I Utter Thanks

Dear A,

This year has taught me a lot.

In return, I would like to share with you the life lessons I picked up along the way.

  1. You cannot save everybody. Whether they are friends or family. They are responsible for their own life. Do not try to become the superhero they do not need.
  2. Listen more, and listen patiently. Be generous of your time and your ears.
  3. Write if it makes you sane. 
  4. Do not fucking overthink things. You are anxious about a lot of things. Let go and let it be.
  5. Stop explaining things, they won’t listen to you anyway.
  6. DO WHAT YOU WANT. If you want to stay inside the house, then do it. If you want to go home early, do it. If you do not want to talk to people, do it.
  7. Do not chase people who do not value you in the same way you value them.
  8. Financial security is a serious matter. The future is much important.
  9. Movement is health. Health is wealth, therefore movement is wealth. You do not need a six-pack (but would still be great if I have it). You just need to be healthy if you still want to do the same things in 20 to 30 years.
  10. Shit happens and things do not always go the way you want it to be. Sometimes all you need to do is let them be. Let things run its course.
  11. Prioritize yourself. Do not put your dreams in the back-burner again.
  12. Love yourself and let it overflow. Never let your happiness depend on a single thing. Even if things disappear or people leave you, they cannot hurt you because you are full of love, to begin with.
  13. Be grateful for friends who became family. They are enough.

Thank you 2019.



Seven Things


I hope everyone is doing good.

I just came home from a review class. I had to drink coffee to stay awake and now I cannot force myself to go to sleep.

Then I remembered that Jolens of jolenismo.com tagged me to answer this “Seven Things” so to tire myself out, I am going to share my answers to the tag.

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You Will Be Okay

Dear A,

They say that at some point in your life, you will experience the kind of sadness and loss so intense that it will change you. For the past two years, heartbreaks kept piling on that you became numb. You have been functioning under the idea that everything happens for a reason. You keeping it all in for so long has made you put on a hard exterior to protect your broken inner self. And has made you afraid that any single thing reminding you of these things will finally pull the trigger on the time bomb ticking inside of you. You were raised to be strong, so strong that you have forgotten that it is okay to cry.

It is okay to acknowledge your feelings.

And sometimes, it is okay to be happy despite all of the chaos that is happening.

And now you have been living like you are still in limbo, I want you to know that basking in the hurt does not make you weak. It just goes to show that you are human too. And no matter how counterproductive it is to say that you will be okay, I guess you will be. We cannot tell when, but I know you will find yourself in the future, reading this and smiling, knowing that you emerge from all of this stronger.