What The Eye Sees is Still The Real Beauty: A Love Letter to Travel

November 27, 2018

Going home to Manila.

Cebu you have been wonderful. Thank you for gracing us with your delicious delicacies and never-ending third-wave coffee shops that seemed to be brimming with flavourful cold brew coffee, and friendly baristas that attended our every need and answered all the questions we asked.

This trip was one for the books. So much have happened during this trip. The flight I booked since July got rebooked for how many times, and my baggage got checked out by the agent at the check-in counter that almost got in me trouble and probably in panic and tears. I met new and old friends, discovered a lot of new things about my job, and myself.

The convention was one for the books as well. I haven’t been to a large gathering of people in my profession. And seeing almost all of them in one venue along with international delegates was amazing. Hearing and learning more about the profession. This job was treated as an inspiration again, and who knows maybe on the next one, I will be the one presenting my research paper.

Everything seemed to be so different from Manila. Everything appeared to be so new to me. They told me Manila was the progressive one but it seems like Cebu gave me more than what meets the eye. I am coming back. And for the short amount of time I spent there, I realised that I want to live in Cebu someday.

One thing I learned about myself on this trip is that I can survive by myself most of the time, and the majority of the circumstances, it is the best choice out of everything. And the best reward I can give to myself after this trip, a window seat on the plane without anyone sitting next to me while I am admiring this sunset flight. I have been trying to take the perfect shot so I can at least have something I can look back to but no matter how advanced our camera lenses are, what the eye sees is still the real beauty.

Imprinted in our memories.



Jerace Shoots Portraits: Summer Portraits

Hey I am back! I am so sorry for not updating so much. Life has been a whirlwind lately. So I am slowly easing my way back to posting here and in my channel.

Here is my entry for this year’s summer portraits, which I usually do. 🙂

Monthly Vlog #5: November in a Capsule

November in a Capsule: DEANxSAAy, Cebu, Meeting friends, Cafes, and Food

Hello! I am back.

After what seems to be months of being MIA, I am back to finally upload videos I have been meaning to upload since last year. I apologize for not updating so much. Since December up until late last month, Oh my February was the worst, my head was not really up in all its working prowess.

And also I want to say that the next video is the final installment of our Monthly vlogs. I guess I have enough life happenings for the next few months to probably put out regular vlogs, more like weekly vlogs if you may say so.

So, this was my November 2018. A lot has happened, and I’ve been to a different part of the Philippines for a few days. I was glad to be able to get to know the heritage of my mother a little. I am planning to get back and visit family soon if all things happened in my favor soon. I hope you are feeling great! See you soon.


Monthly Vlog #4: October in A Capsule

Hello, humans of the internet! I apologize because it took me a long time to upload this video. Here is my October 2018 in a capsule. I turned a year older and I am hoping, I got a little wiser. We went to new cafes and spent weekends (aka Sundays) a little bit slower than the rest of the week. I hope you were treated kindly by October. Wait for my November vlog next week! 🙂

Quarterly Round-Up Volume 2

Hello, humans of the internet! I am back to serve you “Quarterly Round-Up” Volume 2.

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