The Last Super Moon of 2017


I think the last supermoon of 2017 signals the beautiful end of a year full of highs rather than lows, as compared to my 2016, so I decided to dedicate a Haiku to the beguiling Luna.

I like to sing thanks
To the moon and to the stars,
Guided the year to clarity

To feel contentment and power
To see the better and to find,
Myself finding a little light




Rainbow Connection

Hello, people of the internet. I am back with a cover of Rainbow Connection. I’ve been wanting to cover this song for some time now, and because time is such a playful thing in the world, I was able to do a one-take and raw cover. PARDON for the poor guitar playing.

Places To Be: Coffee Fix Around The Bloc

There is a quaint yet amazing cafe near our workplace. It is called “Blocleaf Cafe” and their croissant and cortado both deserve a two thumbs up.

You can find them at 1850 M.H. Del Pilar St., Malate, Manila Philippines.

Visit there Facebook page or check out their Instagram account for more details.

Processed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 presetProcessed with VSCO with a7 preset

Disclaimer: This post is not sponsored or whatsoever. I just really, really like the place so I went an extra mile to share them to the rest of the world. 🙂

#JeraceShootsPortraits: Pol

This set of portraits was unusual not because it was planned, but because we just had time to spare a.k.a free time from our typical Sunday (Grad school is life).

Here’s Pol/Paul. A former intern of mine, now turned colleague and classmate in graduate school.

We would like to thank the Starbucks near our school for having such a lovely hallway hiding in a very unusual spot, near the toilets haha.


This set was taken using an iPhone 6.

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This song took me a year to write, well in a sense it did took me 12 months to come in to terms with my struggles for the past year.

This is dedicated to the people who find themselves staring at their clocks, tossing and turning every night, and finding themselves boring holes in their walls. This is to us who are kept awake by their difficulties in life. It will get better somehow, not as fast as you might think, but it will. It is just the process that makes us want to give up. Push through my love.

I recorded this sitting beside my window during one sunny morning, hence the background noise like the motorcycles and chickens.

5:15 Lyrics

I look at the clock
And guess what the time is
It’s quarter past 5 in the morning
I guess I have to start again

Start the show
Paint the face everyone knows
Put up the smile
And let them know I’m alright

Oh how unfortunate
As it turns out
Nothing is in favor
No matter how hard I try
Seems these days
I just find myself…

Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…
Staring back in to…

The vast void inside my heart
How can I fill this up?
And the things I thought
Were there
Couldn’t make me feel like
I’m breathing…
Like I’m alive…
I’m feeling…

Oh I find myself
Staring back in to
The vast void
Inside my heart


My Everyday Face and Scent


I am a very sleepy person, and I would rather prefer to clock in more sleep than to wake up a little early to fix my face. These products are what I call my essentials. They help me look presentable and somewhat alive throughout the day. You can find these things inside my “make-up pouch”. They are easy and the chances of messing up my face is kind of low. But on days I feel like I have enough time or if there is really a need to go the extra mile, I use more products than these (but let’s save it for a rainy day).

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Off The Shelf: Series I Love


*Originally titled as “Book Series I Love Aside From the Harry Potter Series

Hello! I hope you are doing good. I am back with another “bookish” post, and this time I am going to talk about book series I love aside from the Harry Potter Series.

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Off The Shelf: My Neil Gaiman Book Stash


Neil Gaiman is probably one of my favorite authors and human beings in the whole world aside from J.K. Rowling. I have so much respect for his work.

I know my stash is not yet complete, and I am on the process of acquiring, and reading all his work. I even influenced my mother to read his books which is a big deal for me, because I can discuss books with my mother which is very rare. Don’t get me wrong, she has no problem with my affinity to books. It’s just she doesn’t like to read much. So making her read one of Mr. Gaiman’s book is a great deal for me.

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